Schedule A tour: (231) 873-6600


Regardless of the type of care needed, we encourage prospective patients and their families to meet with either our Admissions Coordinator or one of our social workers here at Oceana County Medical Care Facility. At this time, we’ll discuss the required care and setup a tour of our facility.

Our admissions coordinator, Eryn Frinkle, BSW, can be reached at (231) 873-6600, extension 6040, or via email at


Becoming a Skilled Nursing Care Resident

Family members, physicians, home health care agencies, hospice agencies, and hospitals may all refer patients to our facility for skilled nursing care. It is also possible to contact us directly if you only require short-term care. Once a referral is made, our admissions coordinator will meet with you to discuss the prospective patient’s medical history, placement need, and financial ability.


Becoming a Rehabilitation Care Patient

Hospitals primarily refer patients to our rehabilitation center. However, in certain instances, referrals may be made from physicians’ offices, home health care agencies, or family members. Once a referral is made, our admissions coordinator will meet with you to discuss your medical information and assess your inpatient or outpatient therapy needs as well as insurance availability.


Becoming an Alzheimer & Dementia Care Patient

Due to limited capacity, our Alzheimer’s and dementia care residents are admitted from a wait list as rooms become available and upon assessment of placement need. If you require Alzheimer’s and dementia care for a loved one, please contact our admissions coordinator directly to be assessed and put on the waiting list.